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  1. Ok does someone want to upgrade my account or something?

    I’ve been trying for weeks now to create a post in the forum, but I can’t reply or create any sort of post.
    Help folks

  2. O T C R
    Running Servers dtg, 080117-0150hrs

    rFactor2, (PW Protected)
    OTCR Clio – Clio Cup season SMC
    OTCR DTM – Norisring, Zanvoort
    OTCR Enduro – Silverstone GP
    OTCR BTCC – BTCC season (PW)

    Assetto Corsa
    OTCR UK2- GT3 – Mugello

    Raceroom Experience
    OTCR UK – WTCC2013 -, Hockenheim, Hungaroring..
    OTCR UK2 – DTM2015 – Red Bull, Hungaroring
    OTCR UK3 – GT3 – Zolda, Spa

    Teamspeak. – OTCR Radio Net

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