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  1. Ok does someone want to upgrade my account or something?

    I’ve been trying for weeks now to create a post in the forum, but I can’t reply or create any sort of post.
    Help folks

  2. O T C R
    Running Servers dtg, 080117-0150hrs

    rFactor2, (PW Protected)
    OTCR Clio – Clio Cup season SMC
    OTCR DTM – Norisring, Zanvoort
    OTCR Enduro – Silverstone GP
    OTCR BTCC – BTCC season (PW)

    Assetto Corsa
    OTCR UK2- GT3 – Mugello

    Raceroom Experience
    OTCR UK – WTCC2013 -, Hockenheim, Hungaroring..
    OTCR UK2 – DTM2015 – Red Bull, Hungaroring
    OTCR UK3 – GT3 – Zolda, Spa

    Teamspeak. – OTCR Radio Net

  3. Hello everyone,

    My friend Luuk and me (Pim) signed up to OTCR today. We have been racing on Race2Play and we often race on Assetto Corsa. But we both miss simracing with others players more than once in a while. I have no idea how things go here and where to sign up. It’s probably just me being not so smart but if someone could help us out with signing up to events and such it would be nice. We are both from the Netherlands but our English is okay if I say so myself. Sorry for bothering you guys, regards Luuk & Pim

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