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    Hi there, just reporting a bug I’ve found while racing on Brands Hatch on RF2. It looks like the track was imported from AC, but it suffers a bit from cut track recognition, I’ll attach a Google Drive link to show the problem, I tried different angles and as you can see there is some very weird problem regarding going wide… but not wide enough? XD Weird!

    Link to Track issue

    Also, AI has some issues while positioning on the starting grid, here at 0.22 there is a small example -> Link to AI issue but some races the AI positioned SO BAD we were literally scattered in the middle of the track, and grid positions were actually IN THE MIDDLE of the track instead then where they had to be.

    Should we address these things for the league? Or consider changing track/just adjust to the bug?


    Those penalties are correct in my opinion. 4 wheels over white line + gaining advantage should result in cut track

    AI will not be used during any league event.

    Fabio Zerbetto
    Fabio Zerbetto

    I agree with Mal. The track is not bugged there. You should check your line on replay and have a look on your tyres.
    The kurb is wide but don’t mean that you can abuse on it. You need to keep two tyres on track.

    About the grid position, only AI have the bug on some imported tracks so is not a problem during official race event.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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