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    Danny Maten
    Danny Maten

    Hello friends of OTCR and forum followers,

    I am Corse\ Danny, the new guy in Rfactor and in your very nice Clio UK cup. As I said in my short introduction, I have built a team (Corse Motorsports) in the previous simulator I was active in, and I decided I want to continue with my team in Rfactor2. Now since i got to know Mal I’ve been speaking with him about bringing Corse in to play in Rfactor2 and no better place to start than OTCR.

    I will not (yet) take it up to the level of professionalism as I tried on the previous simulator with running multiple servers, hosting events and building tracks as that costs a lot of time. But I will take of an easy start with first getting a nice bunge of people together like i saw already are at OTCR. I can get to know Rfactor better and first get some decent speed before I throw my team name into the bin 😀

    Anyway, as an small saying of thanks, I just put an advertisement up on our website which directly links to your OTCR website. The plan also is, that for the upcoming season, at least myself will take fully dedicated part in your Clio UK cup series and I hope that my first Rfactor arrived team member: Dima.tub will join me in that one :).

    So this is the URL to our website: Corse Motorsports and on the right side udner “Our partners” you’ll find a OTCR picture with a link to your website.

    If there are any questions, i’ll be happy to answer them. For now I will start altering the website from Live for Speed towards Rfactor, clean the forum and look for drivers with an attitude that we think suits Corse Motorsports :). Having the right minds together is half the work.

    Hope to see you all on the tracks!

    P.S. to make you all familiar with Corse’s colors and logo, I will show the logo and some pictures here. It has been an amazing time, and we managed to get an amazing bunch of people together and achieved a lot together.

    Corse Motorsports Logo

    Corse Motorsports skin

    Eventually I want to develop skins for rfactor2 as well and of course.. rule the tracks eventually :). At Corse Motorsports we keep it simple.. Passion for racing.

    Feel free to see our facebook page:
    Corse Motorsports @ Facebook


    Corse Motorsports

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    Danny Maten
    Danny Maten

    Also have we made a old tribute video for the first anniversary, which i would like to show you. It’s on youtube, if you click this link:

    Corse Motorsports tribute

    Mal Whitt
    Mal Whitt

    Hi Danny, nice work, you achieved a high level with your team building in LFS, good luck in rF2 in the future, hope you and Dima create a competetive team, you can have a team of three here on OTCR, as mentioned before. Nice vid.

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