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    Mal Whitt
    Mal Whitt

    The OTCR TC 2018 S1 championship has been amended.

    We have decided to change the car class from TC (Touring Car) to TC1 (Renault Clio Cup).

    This is by popular request and also because of the imbalance in performance and handling between the cars in the TC class. TC has already been patched once to address the overpowered Megane. We do not want to risk spoiling drivers’ chances mid season if any other patches are made. We have therefore decided to go with TC1

    TC1 Renault Clio Cup has been proven in pCars1 and now in pCars2, to be stable, fun and very competitive. It is a single car class and should any patches arrive then it would affect all drivers not just a few.

    We hope you understand our decision and continue to support us at OTCR in providing fast, fun and free online racing for all. See you on track.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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