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    Fabio Zerbetto
    Fabio Zerbetto

    Here it is the highliths of BTCC round 9 at Silverstone National:

    OTCR BTCC Round 9 Highlights

    I have to say a self consideration. Looking at race 1, was very dirty.
    Bad start from the back, bad accidents in the middle on first lap
    and various crashes during the overall race, as I was overtaken after force
    pushing and by cutting corner.
    This is not the good approach to simracing IMHO.
    I like to race with you guys, but I think there’s need to stay more calm
    on track. I saw too much crashes in this championship that could have been
    avoided, most of them was caused by much unuseful agressiveness and hurry to
    overtake the world. It’s better to take more careful when we know that there are
    cars around us, for example during cornering in couple, changing direction and much
    important very close racing. I’d like to make a remark for this last one.
    I saw too many cases of collisions because of stay too close. It’s not a
    good thing to do in simracing because we can’t evaluate well distances.
    Also, collisioning destabilizes a lot cars and cause a sort of “glue effect”
    that is the common problem on physic calculation and cause strange behaves
    of the cars. I think there is no glory to finish in a onward positions after
    causing crash to others or force pushing.

    Andrea Cicero
    Andrea Cicero

    Thanks for the video Fabio!

    I totally agree with you for race 1… too many hazardous moves that involves even people being conscious of not overdoing.

    Race 2 was better instead!

    Anyway, great fun to race with you guys!

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