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    Gavin Thomas

    So I know a few of you purchased Project CARS, and also took part in a league or two. So I’m curious who’ll be buying Project CARS 2?

    Me I’m already on board, having yet again backed the title. But I’m curious will I end up racing any of you online in the second one or not.


    Kris Vickers

    I tried Project Cars, but couldn’t get the wheel setup to drive how i liked, so gave up with it.

    I’ve heard good things about PC2 so far. I’ll try it for sure, but if it’s the same shit fest as the first one for setting up a wheel to race, then i’ll skip it.



    i will get it, just hope multiplayer is improved.


    Gavin Thomas

    I’ve never really adjusted any wheel settings, so couldn’t tell you if it’s improved.
    I know they’ve done a lot of work on it, but I’m a happy out of the box kinda guy when it comes to FFB.


    Mal Whitt

    Not sure if I will buy it, PC1 had too many flaws, one being the ridiculously complicated setup procedure for FFB, other problems where replays and multi-player bugs. Sadly I think they unwittingly created a niche that became a more arcade or consul looking game. It always reminds me of the Gran Tourismo series. The new F1 2017 altho really good is the same with all the extra unnecessary animations, albeit good, I would rather see blurred/faded real video in the background, of the podium for example. The decision for me is whether it feels like a Game or a Sim…. difficult choice.

    Just to get an idea, (regardless of costs) here is my rating on current popular titles.

    iRacing 8/10
    rF2 7/10 my favourite
    AC 5/10
    RRE 6/10 +
    PC1 5/10
    F1 2017 6/10 +


    Gavin Thomas

    Interesting ratings you have there.

    I’d have to agree for the most part with them, although I think I’d place PC1 above RRE.


    Gavin Thomas

    Well Project CARS 2 arrives tomorrow, I’ll be running GT3 cars online most of the day tomorrow as it’ll take some time to try out the 18 (last time I counted) GT3 cars there are.

    So feel free to come join the fun.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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