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    Mal Whitt

    Thinking of running an OTCR server for a fun race on sunday evening, All welcome,
    Who’s up for it….
    Any suggestions for track and car class, time….
    My first preference would be TC/TC1 at a uk (aids off, Rules off 1pitstop) cloudy lol.

    Touring Cars at BHGP 15laps.. 2100 BST

    any offers


    Kris Vickers

    Try random weather.

    I went on your server last night (was on my own) and set weather to random. Clio @ Donny.

    Practice was at night, qualy was morning sunshine and race was pissing down.

    Proper Bolton weather . . . felt right at home! 🙂


    Mal Whitt

    lol, Kris….

    Will give that a try.. sounds like fun especially as PC2 has the wet tyre physics sorted..


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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