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    1. General.

    Do not purposely hold other drivers up in practice or qualification..
    Do not stop on the circuit and disadvantage another driver by doing so.
    Use caution to avoid causing any collisions.
    Do not cut the track.
    Do not exit pits under a red light.
    Do not speed in pit lane.
    When leaving your pit bay remain in the slow lane (the inside lane) until safe to move into the fast lane. Collisions can happen in the pit lanes.
    Do not speak in TeamSpeak or in the in-game chat during a race.
    If you are on your HOT lap, it might be a good idea to turn on your headlights so that other drivers know you are on your hot lap/s. It’s not advised to do this but can help others around you to move clear of the racing line whilst on your hot lap/s.

    2. Driving Techniques.
    Over-aggressive driving can be seen as any of the following and will not be tolerated, penalties will apply if not taken seriously:

    Deliberate cutting of the corners to catch up to the driver in front or deliberate cutting of the corner to pass another driver.

    Drivers are allowed to use the kerbs to the extent that they still have at least two wheels on the tarmac, the limits are set by the rFactor2 Mod itself so as to be equal for all and not open to misinterpretation.. Most track limits are the white lines at the edge of the tarmac, occasionally these lines have been extended beyond the kerbs, (ie Silverstone Nat turn 1) it is advised to practice on each track to ascertain the track limits.

    Pushing your way through the pack i.e. pushing cars out of the way to pass them.
    Pushing a car during a spin to get past them, they may recover from this spin and your move may have impeded their chance.

    Continual shunts/hits/taps at the rear or side of their car to unsettle them or to put them off.

    Not slowing down under a Yellow flag caution (game dependent), passing a driver/s who are not part of the caution on the track to gain position/s.


    The trailing driver has the best view. As our vision straight ahead is far greater than the peripheral vision of the driver in front, the driver making the pass should take full responsibility for any passing attempts being made.

    Track curves, as well as the approach and exit zones thereof, may be negotiated by the drivers in any way they wish, within the limits of the track. Overtaking, according to the circumstances, may be done either on the left or on the right.

    However, manoeuvres liable to hinder other drivers such as premature changes of direction, more than one direction change, deliberate crowding of vehicles towards the inside or outside of the curve or any other abnormal changes of direction are strictly prohibited. The repetition of dangerous driving, even involuntary, may result in a penalty.

    To ensure an absolute minimum of collisions, drivers are expected not to complete their passing attempt unless they clearly have the advantage at the turn in point. In racing sims that have a spotter warning about the positions of other cars then a greater responsibility lies on the driver being passed. If a faster driver is slowed behind another driver that hasn’t been lapped and they cannot find a safe way to overtake, then the onus is on the faster driver to remain behind the slower driver until such time as he or she can construct a clean passing move. If you aren’t sure you can pull off a move to pass an opponent then don’t do it. Take your time to work out where to try your next move.

    Passing outside the track or on the apron is not allowed. A driver gaining positions by such moves should let those who got passed immediately regain their position. A driver failing to do so will be penalised.

    If you’re the overtaking car: If you are attempting to make a pass up the inside of a driver and don’t have a half a car length overlap when the lead car turns-in then you must give way. If you try to pass on the outside (off the racing line) then you must be fully alongside the other car, otherwise they are entitled to take the normal racing line, which may include pushing you wide. In the event that they do start to take you wide, you should fall back behind the other car as safely as possible.

    If you’re the lead car: If you’re being overtaken on the inside, and the overtaking car has half a car length overlap or more then you cannot force your racing line, you must allow them the apex to pass.

    Taking out the opponent should be avoided at all costs. If a driver realizes that he or she cannot brake sufficiently to avoid contact with the driver in front then the late-breaking driver is advised to steer away from any impact, even if this means a higher risk of ruining his or her own race, the alternative would be to risk ruining both drivers race. To avoid such incidents a suggestion would be to give your brakes a simple ‘tap’ just before entering the braking zone and before you actually do brake, this will allow the other drivers behind you the heads up on your braking marker. Another would be to ‘ease’ on the brakes into the corner.

    If contact with another driver is your fault, and they are disadvantaged then allow them to regain the position immediately, even if it means losing positions to other drivers not involved in the incident. If you can’t pass cleanly, do not pass at all.

    When battling for position, a passing opportunity will almost always evolve. The driver in front is allowed to alter his line only once. If the drivers are side by side, a line change is not advisable.

    OTCR League Car Choice
    New Rule… (making it up as I go along) If after Event 1 of any season a driver is unhappy with his car choice, then they can change to a different car. This change can only be done once and only after Event 1 but before Event 2 . If a driver does change car then any points gained in Event 1 will not count and that driver will be placed as last with 0 points. If a team driver wishes to change car then the whole team must change , points will be deducted as above.
    To be continued

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