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    Danny Maten
    Danny Maten

    hey everyone!

    Just after the race on Oulton park (Amazing track)!!!! I asked Mal to switch to the track of round 5, which is Croft. Also not too bad.. I love the bumpyness :).

    Anyway.. I had issues with entering the server and it didnt just auto download like so often actually. I did some steps to make it work.. Mal has a file which is maybe necessary to install, but you will need probably more if you’ll also get the message. Here’s what i did:

    1. Remove all previously installed Croft tracks.
    2. Install the file you can get from mall.
    3. Go to the following link to download the Croft track that the round5 OTCR clio file that you can get from Mal demands: Linky for Polish experts 🙂 So You will enter a Polish website, but that’s ok! My Polish isnt too good either.. 🙂 Anyway.. when you scroll down a little.. you’ll see Croft V1.0 and that’s the one you need. So left of that you’ll find an icon of a floppy disk.. like those we used in the 1980’s and seemingly in Poland still today xD .. anyway.. if you press that it will download it.
    4. Put the downloaded file in Rfactor2’s packages folder as well as the file you got from Mal.
    5. Open Rfactor and go to the overview where you find all the installed mods. It will show the file now, when everything is correct. Make sure you install it..

    6. Now try to beat me! 😀

    Evening gents,


    Mal Whitt
    Mal Whitt

    Croft v1.0 now in the the download thread, extract the croft folder to your installed/location folder.
    Also rfmod for round 5, download to your packages folder.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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